Question: How Many Trades Can You Make Per Day With Your Program?

Question: What Makes This So Different From All of The Other Programs Out There?

Question: Do I Have To Subscribe to Anything Else After The Training?

Answer: We can trade Stocks, Options, ETF's and Futures. The real key is getting direction right and protecting the trade.

Question: Does The Dark Pool Indicator Let Me Know Whether to Go Long or Short?

Question: Do You Have A Trade Room?

Answer: Yes for day trading. We show you how to look at the market using leading indicators as well as others to clearly see direction and when to make a trade either as a reversal (Using Oversold/Overbought Indicators) or a "go with the trend" trade.

Answer: There are some really good people out there that want to help and have really good information. There are two individuals, one on the west coast and one on the east coast, and we do get some of their former students.

Very knowledgeable and nice people however they do not have the leading indicators, private dark pool indicators, proper overbought/oversold market analysis or market strategies that we have put together in our training. They are also almost exclusively day trading which as we said above cannot be done each day. It makes all the difference in the world.

Also we have our own Dark Pool indicator that is included in the training so there is no need to use an external source like Charles Schwab.

Question: What About The Other Dark Pool Programs Out There?

Answer: We have learned these techniques from actual floor traders and prop traders. These strategies and indicators have been used by professionals for at least 50 years. A professional is someone that has been licensed and registered with the government (SEC) to manage other peoples money. Not someone that opens a retail trading account. 

Our leading indicators are used by well known investment banks to place billions of dollars at risk in the market. So they have to be reliable.

Answer: You only need 1 or 2 trades and you should not trade everyday. So we will focus on day trading when the volatility is above a certain percentage. We know at that point most investment banks will be using a RISK-Off (Dumping losers and big movers) strategies.

We mostly focus on swing trades when the market is actually at a true oversold level. This makes the most sense in a bullish market. We show you how to see when that will occur.

Answer: You will have a 4 hour One-on-One mentoring session after the training or as needed during the training. After the training is best as most questions will be answered by the time you watch the last video.

You can also send emails, join the trade room or call for support. See pictures below for support.

Answer: Approx. 88% Accurate. Why not 100%. If you look at Goldman Sachs Annual 10K filing(Link), on page 95, on the right graph, they show their daily win/loss. In 2017 they made a  minimum $62 million per day on average. 4 Days they made over $100 million dollars. This is their success rate and they have been trading for 150 years and THEY ALSO DONT USE LAGGING INDICATORS LIKE RSI, EMA'S PARABOLIC SAR etc. to let them know where the market is going.

Anyone stating that they can make 100% of their trades and use lagging indicators  is completely lying. They also do not know how to properly protect trades as you can lose 50% of your trades and still make money with proper risk management strategies. But 100% or near 100% does sound better...doesn't it :)

Question: What Can You Trade With Your Program?

Answer: No. Once you have the training, the month of the trade room to watch trades(included), the one-on-one if needed, you no longer need anything else. If you want to continue to receive the PRE-MARKET - HOW ANTHONY WILL TRADE TODAY update videos (emailed by 9:00AM EST), after the 1 month free,  that will only be $97 per month.

Answer: Yes, we have a trade room and it is for former/current training students. The reason you need to be a student is we discuss proprietary information that comes from the training and we would have to edit our speech if we have a mixed audience.

Question: If I Need Help How Do I Get It?

Question: How Much is The Training?

Call For More Information  212-457-1318

Answer: No amount of volume will let you know whether to go short or long based on any one large Dark Pool print. The only way to know for sure is to be on the floor actually looking at the book. There are many other variables that need to be considered in order to have a high degree of certainty for market direction.

Some teach all you need to do is go long or short above or below a large wick candle. The really means that they do not have a clear understanding of direction and what is driving the market. and are guessing.

Question: Do I Need To Use The Dark Pool Indicator?

Question: What is The Accuracy of The Program?